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Club Safety Rules

In general:

  1. You are not allowed in the club if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

  2. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 please inform your coach immediately.

  3. The club will be disinfected every day.

For parents:

  1. One parent/guardian may be present at the club when his/her child is participating in a group class or taking a private lesson.

  2. Remain 6 feet apart from others in the seating area.

  3. Parent/guardian must wear a face mask at all times in the club.

  4. Do not enter the office at any time.

  5. Parent/guardian must remain in the seating area. Do not walk around inside the facility except to go to the bathroom.

  6. Monthly bills will be texted to you on your cell phone or emailed to you.

  7. Monthly payment must put in the pay box hanging on the office door or mailed to: Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy. 18-02 River Road. Building 1, Unit 2. Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410.

  8. Bringing food to share with other fencers or staff is not permitted.

For fencers:

  1. Use your personal equipment only.

  2. Do not borrow any equipment from other members of the club.

  3. Make sure your own equipment is working. The club will not lend any equipment to students.

  4. Do not shake hands after the bout or private lesson.

  5. Do not use the locker rooms. Please change clothes for training before arriving at the club.

  6. Only one person at a time in the bathroom.

  7. Bring your own bottle of water. (Use of the club's water fountain is not permitted).

  8. Wash your hands immediately upon arrival to the club and before you leave.

  9. Wearing a face/surgical mask while at the club is mandatory.

  10. You must check in and check out in the visitor log.

For staff:

  1. No greetings/friendly shaking hands.

  2. If a student needs to fix a foil/body cord put it next to the work bench and notify your coach. It will be repaired starting the next day.

  3. Private lessons must be conducted on every other fencing strip.

  4. No group classes.

  5. Coach can allow students to bout only if they are family members and reside in the same house.

  6. Coaches will have a disposable mask shield which reduces particles exiting the mask and helps reduce the potential for transmission of diseases. (

  7. You must check in and check out in the visitor log.

Stay healthy, stay smart!

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